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PHOTON∣New Year's Eve Party
Created date : 2021-02-01
On January 6, 2020, Shenzhen PHOTON Broadband Technology Co., Ltd. grandly held the 2020 Spring Festival Gala in Shenzhen. All employees of PHOTON gathered together to celebrate the "Concentration, Pursuit of Excellence, Not forgetting the beginning" of the PHOTON family 2019, and look forward to the full power of the PHOTON family in 2020 to create the future.
With the "cannon" of PHOTON's corporate culture, the party officially started. An ambitious "Heroes of the Heart" kicked off the party. "Beyond Dreams", "Ghost Step Dance", "Night Shanghai" and other literary programs are exciting. The "two people" led by Ms Lei made the finale of the dance, bringing the party to a climax. The ordinary and quietly-picked PHOTON people were in the spotlight. All are dazzling literary artists, bringing you a wonderful audiovisual feast.
PHOTON Ms Lei addressed the New Year. Ms Lei first thanked all the employees of PHOTON and their families, suppliers and partners for their strong support for the company in 2019, and sent holiday wishes. At the same time, the company's achievements in 2019 are summarized and 2020 sales targets are set: domestic sales remain flat in 2019, overseas sales increase by 100%.
In 2020, PHOTON will continue to lay a solid foundation, with ingenuity, not forgetting the original intention, and continue to make efforts to innovate with a dedicated, and professional attitude. In 2020, we have a clear positioning and are ready to embark on a new global mileage.
Later, Ms Lei issued a new appointment and appointed Mr. Xu Yun as Deputy General Manager of PHOTON. President Mr. Xu said that in the past 8 years, PHOTON has kept pace with the times and actively expanded its business. The corporate culture has been fruitful. Once again, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all the employees and colleagues who have fought hard in various positions, contributed to the company's growth, and made outstanding contributions, and express our sincere gratitude to the partners who have gone through the storm with the company. Looking forward to 2020, we will carry on with our mission, shoulder heavy responsibilities, ride the wind and waves, and forge ahead.
PHOTON cadre appointment sworn:
We are the backbone of the company's management and the driving force behind it. We must lead by example, be strict with ourselves, and set an example for all employees; we must be united and united, and focus all our strength on the company's business development; we must be honest, honest, honest, and work hard to lead all employees to complete 2020 Business goals for the year ...
Next is the sales warrant oath:
Read the vow, set up a military writ, fight 2020, leave who else.
The military order is signed not by words but by responsibilities. Maybe, everyone thinks that this scene will only appear during the march, but today it appears at the annual meeting of PHOTON. This is the characteristics of PHOTON's enterprise, a spirit of PHOTON people, and we demand ourselves like soldiers. Although thousands of people have worked hard, they have exhausted the mad sand to reach gold, and the horn of struggle has sounded. Today's military order is tomorrow's commitment and determination! Fight hard! Let the business goals of 2020 be achieved!
At the annual meeting, 2019 outstanding production pacesetters, outstanding staff, annual sales champion, newcomer month sales champion award have been awarded. They set an example for PHOTON with unremitting efforts, and every progress of PHOTON cannot be separated from their hard work.
At the annual meeting, General Manager Ms Lei toasted toast and welcomed the New Year. At the reception, everyone exchanged a year's harvest, looked forward to the new year, and expressed their gratitude in the cup changing room. At this moment, colleagues' hearts are closer to each other.
In 2019, we end quietly; thank our colleagues, we advance together and retreat, with honor and disgrace; thank our customers, we work together, win-win cooperation; thank ourselves, we gradually grow from failure, and explore in confusion Aggressive. Come on, in the spring of the new year, we will rely on the vitality to cultivate fruitful fruits and write magnificent poems belonging to PHOTON; come on, dear family, partners, and the new battlefield is in front of us world!
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