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Rapid development of fiber technology and its application in worldwide, the rapidly increasing End users demands in services of broadcast, Internet, voice, video and other services has become one of the important factors driving the FTTH network process.

FTTH (Fiber to the Home) provides higher bandwidth all the way to individual building and businesses to provide high-speed broadband access, PON is the best FTTH accessing technology in worldwide. It can meet with user's requirements and development of network, providing broadband access, digital HDTV, IPTV multimedia, VR, 3D games, cloud computing, big data, Internet of things, cloud storage and so on.

FTTH system structure

A typical FTTH system consists of OLT, ONU and ODN. OLT (optical line terminal) is placed in the headend, ONU (optical network unit) is the CPE equipment, ODN (optical distributed network) is the optical distribution network, which is mainly connected to OLT and ONU by one or several optical splitters. Its function is to distribute the downstream data and gather the upstream data. OLT is not only a switch or router, but also a multi-service platform, which provides optical fiber interface for passive optical fiber network.

Figure 1 PON System

At present, there are two main PON access network solutions, GPON (Gigabit-Capable PON) and EPON (Ethernet Passive Optical Network). PON standardization organization IEEE, ITU-T/FSAN made researches on EPON and GPON technology and released relative standards respectively.

Photon Broadband FTTH Solution

Photon Broadband is a professional network equipment provider, We specialize in PON technology and product development, have wide range of GPON and EPON product series, and can provide users with end-to-end product solutions.

We provide the latest generation passive fiber network solution based on PON system, which meets relative national and international standards of GPON and EPON. The overall solution meets the complete transmission requirement of ISP provider for high speed internet service and provide voice and video services also.

Network topology as shown in figure 2:

Figure 2 FTTH Solution

OLT have GE and 10GE uplink ports, they connect IP network, which can provide data, video, voice, and other services. It is located in headend(central machine room). The OLT’s PON ports connect the client's optical network unit/optical network terminal (ONU/ONT Optical Terminal) through an optical distribution network (ODN: Optical Distribution Network). The ONT in the client’s home or building connects CPE devices, such as PC, notebook, telephone etc. OLT support base on SNMP protocol Management System (EMS). It is easy to manage the OLT and ONU.

Photon PON Advantages

1、 Integrated XPON to implement various access mode (GPON, EPON or 10G EPON)

2、Various EPON XPON ONU/ONT, WDM, CATV,POTS(voice),usb optional

3、 Complying with internal standard (IEEE802.3ah, G.984x)

4、 Broadcom and realtek chipsets

5、 ONU integrated dual mode XPON, automatically detect access mode (GPON, EPON )

6、Base on snmp EMS network management system to manage and config all XPON and HFC devices

7、 Support web configuration and management

8、 Provide internet, voice, CATV and IPTV service

9、Low equipment cost

Photon broadband is FTTH network devices manufacturer. The products include 1550nm transmitter, EDFA, optical receiver, GPON/EPON OLT and ONU. Various types of ONU, such as SFU type, HGU type and CATV type ONU can meet a variety of applications. We are specializing in research, development and production of the highest quality products. All our products are CE, ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified.

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